February 3, 2005

The Journey Begins!

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to losesight of the shore"

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose
sight of the shore"

This quote aptly summarizes the feelings what I am undergoing right
now. The time is here 8.00 pm, but the sun has not set yet! Like this
late sunset, I wonder each and every thing I come across daily. Here's
how I started from Bangalore.

There is just a week for my departure date. So many things to do. I
planned to visit Anna University, Chennai to thank my professors,
wanted to visit Mysore to spend some time with my friends. Meanwhile,
I had to be there in my home for Grahapravesham, to be held on 31st of
Jan – which I can not avoid at any cost. So, I booked my tickets and
rushed to my home. I had to arrange Foreign Exchange, purchase food
items, cooking utensils etc on 1st of February! My parents were happy
for that I am going to study as per my wish and worried at the same
time about the new country, weather etc. My relatives blessed in
disguise about my abroad journey – because I am the first in both the
family circles to go out of India!

Preparing for the Journey
For me, visiting Delhi itself is going to a foreign land as I don't
know even a Hindi word. I asked too many precautionary questions /
ideas from my office friends for my Delhi trip – they said instead of
answering all your bugs – easily we can accompany you. Believe it or
not, when I visited Delhi – I didn't even know how to swipe and get
money from an ATM (One friend had given his ATM card to use in case of
emergency!). So, imagine how my status preparing for an Overseas
Travel. I couldn't' still believe how I am going to make out
everything in few days time – I was thinking same time, next week kind
of scary dreams (!!??)

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steven francis said...

Hi Thiru, I read the entire comment/ view of yours. really fanstastic man..I feel like goin aboard too...neway GOOD LUCK for all your undertakings. God bless you. Tc.