February 5, 2005

Grandmother's Tale

When I was a child of 10 years old, it is fun to visit my village - I
will be waiting for summer holidays to go and listen to our Grandma's
stories at the night. Everyday, we used to live in a dreamy world full
of Princes - who has to bring some medicine crossing seven hills and
seven oceans, Birds , that could speak , Gods, Demons and
Ghosts..Beautiful Princess..If I have some little of creative ideas,
vivid imagination.. my Grandma deserves the credit, who had patience
to tell the same story , sometimes even thrice! I told her, I am going
to Australia - obviously she didn't know that I may have to cross
seven seas to go there! But, she blessed me, wherever I go, I will
come with success and gave 201 rupees as gift (How precious it is!) I
took blessings from her. There are certain occasions in life, we
cannot capture with camera, video or any other electronic
gadgets..they have to felt in heart.. This is such one! I pray that
she will welcome me, when I come home!

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