February 21, 2005

Be at the present!

I became a member in South Australia library - where I am entitled to
take 30 items including books, videos, dvds. I read a book "Ricky
Ponting's world cup Diary" (2004 , South Africa). I particularly,
remember one story, he had mentioned. The first match for Australians
in the world cup, against pakistan - metculous planning done, they
want to make an impressive , explosive start to their campaign..which
should mean "Aussies mean business". But.. the biggest let down
happened in the morning.. Shane Warne is banned for taking drugs!..

The match begins.. Australia were down by 86/4! Ricky joins Andy..
(Andrew Symonds" ..who is really playing well.. After every four or
good scoring shot..Ricky would walk to Andy and say "concentrate on
the next ball..mate". After putting Australia beyond the 300 mark
..with a mammoth 143*, Andy returns to the Pavilion greeted by his
happy team ..Ricky goes to him and give a pat in the back and asks
"Which one was your favourite shot?" (thinking he would tell the
towering six he hit). To which, Andy replies " Can't remember honestly
mate, I was concentrating on the next ball!".

I was impressed by the incident which tells us to remain IN THE PRESENT! I always believe, my concentrating on the present, you can leave a better past and expect a
prosperous future!

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