February 23, 2005

Australian Top Stories

Top Stories, First! Story #1. An Indian Doctor who came to SouthAustralia to work as Govt. Practitioner returned back home afterstaying here for less than a week. Reason, 'for a 24 by 7 on-call-dutythe salary paid is far far less than a waiter in a hotel'. Story #2.There was a head-on crash near Port Adelaide where both the driverswho drove their cars are in critical condition.. One of them is of 14years age (Who drove the car!). There were 4 separate accidents in thepast 6 days where the drivers age are 14, 15 and 17! Story #3. Thereis a growing obesity problem in school going children. Their parentsare blamed for not feeding with nutritious breakfast in themorning..which lead the kids to rely on junk foods causing overweight!! (Didn't I say in my earlier mails - that all the things arehuge here, including people..I don't understand this..we eat lot ofrice etc..But, here most of them are of overweight!!)

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