January 5, 2005

I am blessed by angels!

I am blessed by angels, I think. Wherever I go, I meet the people who
are eager to help me. There are few A's who helped me in materializing
my Australian Dream. Anandhi, first – She is a nice, colleague with
helping nature – she is doing her PhD at IISc (she was M.E. graduate
from Anna University, she finished her M.E. even before I entered BE.)
after her marriage, who inspired me to go for higher studies. She
would provide all the scholarship information, where to study etc. I
will find her mail almost daily in my inbox.

Arun, second – my friend since we met during BE first class, a civil
engineering student, finished his M.E, doing PhD and working at Anna
University. He entered Anna University in 1995 and after a decade he
will leave in 2005. He came with me to every professor's room (after 5
years, who will remember me??!!) and helped me getting transcripts,
reference letters. In college, I was not among the top group or the
bottom group. So, I was somewhere in the middle, any professor will
have a hazy picture about me – an average student. We used to fight to
get a seat in the back bench, proudly saying backbench boys. We played
the entire quota of our lifetime cricket in those four years – always
anyone can find our class in the ground (preferably basket ball
ground!) playing with tennis ball (what strange combinations!). Even
though, we planned in our office, it didn't materialize to play
cricket again! We – the class of 1995 – never gel with either seniors
or juniors – forget the professors. So, it would've been a nightmare
to visit my college and meet the professors again, if Arun was not
with me.

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