January 7, 2005

Getting VISA

My father helped me greatly in collecting all the documents – against
all odds. The banks said a firm 'No-No' for the 50,000 loan for
airfare. I reached the breaking point several times – often I had said
to Ashwini, 'let me take this scholarship offer in September 2005
intake' several times. To my great luck, wherever I go, be it the
notary public or CA – they will say a sweet 'we-will-do-it' then, take
a leave and vanish out-of-station. PVA done in a week's time, after
sending medicals – I held my breath. Thank God, you didn't make a
final mess! I got VISA ;-)

After a month's time – I could not believe all those happened. Am I
really traveling out of the country? – Am I really going to study
abroad? I always imagined what if I ever get another chance to study –
it would be great as I know practically after working in the industry
for some time. Some of my friends say now, everything's settled, I
don't think so. I had to do a lot from now on. I have big plans and I
consider this as a small but important starting point. I have to make most of
it for myself and for everyone around me.

Every time one of my friends go abroad (from their office) – I would
go for the send-offs to Bangalore Airport – always thinking 'Mera
Number Kab Ayega?' (Is it correct, I don't know & don't like Hindi – I
consider watching a Hindi movie is the worst punishment a person can
undergo in this planet!). Even, I tried a resolution also that 'if I
ever visit Airport, it would be for my departure (to another
country)'. But, I had to visit again for two more times for receiving
some friends.

It will be an understatement if I say 'IDP has made a difference in my
life'. You have done more than that. I don't know how to express my
gratitude to all of you. I don't know how I can give back for those I
received. I would be happy to help you in anyway. Do mail me, casually
also. I will write these kind of mails whenever I get time.


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Silentmonk said...

Well...... Am planning now to do my MS.... The same road as you....... but am not able to find choices...... Do advice....