January 3, 2005

A Dream

Absolutely, it looks like a dream to me. I came across the "IDP
Education Australia" in the year 1998 in my college (Anna University)
notice board. (At that time, IDP was present in Delhi, Mumbai and
Chennai, I think) I was impressed very much by the kangaroo logo (a
beautiful line sketch depicting a jumping kangaroo), so I flicked ;-)
it from the notice board (of course, when no one was watching). I
practiced from that (drawing the kangaroo sketch) in almost all of my
room, notebooks. Those were the days - that studying abroad means ->
Read "Word Power Made Easy"-> Memorise -> Word Lists -> Write GRE ->
Score in TOEFL -> Land in U.S. formula. We, the backbench boys -
carefully staed away from them! Little did I know that later someday I
will go to one of the IDP office! (Forget that, I never imagined
myself going abroad for study!)

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