January 4, 2005

Back to School!

After 6 years, I was thinking of studying a Master's in GIS. I was not
interested in US as I need to a Master's in Geography with a
specialisation of GIS. I needed to choose an application area like GIS
in Water Resources, GIS in Town Planning like that. So, I kept my mind
open and searched for a good destination. My list included Canada at
the top (The birthplace of GIS and they are the pioneers now also!),
then Australia (for good institutions like UniMelb, UQ and Univ of
Adelaide and very good professors) and finally UK. When I started, I
was late to apply for canada. I readily got help (coincidence!!) for
Australia, as you know, So, my journey begun.

I think, it was 28th August 2004, I fixed an appointment for
Information Seminar in IDP with Ms. Priya. Then, in the first week of
September, my personal counsellor assigned. Before that, my course /
field of study was asked. I said Geoinformatics /GIS. I didn't say a
word more. I did lot of homework choosing the institutions offering MS
GIS and prioritized the 3 universities. To my amazement, you (my
counsellor) also worked to find out what is GIS and the universities
offered etc when I turned up for my first personal counselling
session! I never looked back, then onwards!

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